Unique technology

Elegance 1320

Australia lisa brand since established at the beginning of European cultural history, has been committed to the research design team delving into the long wedding dress culture, and from its geographical culture of romantic and elegant art building, obtain the inspiration of the new process, each root needle and thread, contain the inspiration of music, art, create a white gold (1320) Elegance shape process: to dress in the wedding dress in combination with underwear unique support structure of joint, joint human body engineering plastic type, like a harp music melody, let the wedding on the beautiful bride play happy movement.Swarovski crystal Mosaic ornament again, and from European texture is pure, delicate and exquisite top surface, material AOLISHA Australia lisa dress shine as holy and elegant European cathedral, will represent the happiness and pure love to every couple.
Australia lisa white gold (1320) Elegance dress like a statue of derived from the strings of the harp that symbolizes purity, noble, rich the myth of romantic art geographical culture, but also represents the Australian lisa team for each procedure meticulous, strict requirements, a romantic like infinite charm of the four-walled and touching!